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In few days after ETD – an Estimated day of Departure of your cargo shipping from the USA, after receipt a full payment toward our invoice, you will receive from us carrier's express release ocean freight Bill of Lading in PDF file on your shipping from the USA. You may consider this Bill of Lading the title on your shipping cargo from the USA. Receiving this ocean freight Bill of Lading means that your cargo had been successfully departed to the destination on the ETD. At this time we should re-confirm ETA - an Estimated day of Arrival on your cargo from the USA as well. 

In several days before the ETA - an Estimated day of Arrival of the cargo from the USA, carrier's destination agent should contact your consignee / notify party with a Notice of Arrival.

Note: Ocean freight carrier's destination agent may not receive any information on your transportation cargo from the USA until very few days before it will actually arrived the destination. If you contact them in advance, then fax or e-mail a copy of your International ocean freight Bill of Lading, verify your consignee's contact info in order to get an arrival notice on time and wait for the notice of arrival.  You will see contact info of the ocean freight carrier's destination agent is in your ocean freight Bill of Lading within the 'For Delivery/Pickup Please Apply To' block.

If for any reasons you will not receive an Arrival Notice on the ETA, you should contact the international ocean freight carrier's destination agent, provide them with information from your shipping cargo from the USA.

You can try to track your shipping cargo online by the steamship lines vessel or by containers number as in your bill of lading. However, consolidated (LCL) cargo may be re-loaded into another container during the shipping from the USA. Then this way of tracking may be confusing.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FROM USA WITH TRANS-SHIPMENTS: If your Bill of Lading shows that a port of discharge on your shipping freigh is different from the final destination, then the ETA on international shipments with trans-shipments may not be the ETA to the final destination, but to the port of transshipment. It may take additional 5-25 days to arrive. Some trans-shipments, from Europe to Africa for example, may take longer.



On FCL shipping freight from the USA use the approach above.

Also, during FCL shipping freight from the USA, having your ocean freight Bill of Lading on hand, you may trace your FCL freight shipping directly with the direct international ocean freight carrier (steamship line) that used for your international shipping cargo from the USA. Select an ocean freight carrier and click on an appropriate link below in order to do so:

If you experience difficulties tracing your shipping cargo from the USA, please contact us for help.


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